Arthur Smid

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Content Strategy

I will work with you to plan communications across all of your media platforms. The preparation of messages allows you to deliver regular content no matter what is happening. And with style guidelines you will be able to respond spontaneously and share updates in the moment. After researching opportunities we can promote your work through speaking engagements, participating on panels, publishing online, or earning print media. Together we’ll articulate a vision for the future of your business that brings deeper purpose to your work. Designing content that offers value to your audience, we can seek feedback and generate ideas to increase engagement. And if you buy ads, we’ll identify opportunities for testing and refining them. By having a strategy to reach your audience and structure your delivery, you will show the best of your work without exhausting yourself or your subscribers. Rather than grabbing someone’s attention, you will be making a connection and sustaining relationships.


I help you discover the authentic stories that you will be happy to share. Whether a story of your business or a personal profile, we’ll co-create the narrative to convey who you are in a meaningful and memorable way. And if you have employees, I can create stories to be shared internally in newsletters, memos and emails that will motivate people and keep them in tune with an inspired direction they feel good about taking. For your staff or for the public, the ability to retell your story for different purposes is how you discover new ways to engage the world. Your story can be told on your website, in articles or speeches. A series of lectures could be recorded and then rewritten to contain everything you want to convey while maintaining your distinct voice—you can sell this as an ebook on your website and print on demand for events. I’ll assist with outlining books, a series of articles or talks. Let’s craft exciting narratives and distinct messages that can exist in the culture to drive your growth.


Everyone has a story. If you’re like me, you don’t know how to write. The writing is an invention. It’s created. I will co-create with you the message that matters. Your personal statement, your bio, your company’s about, your mission. I’ll write the evergreen content for your website and the copy for digital advertising, emails, informative guides, presentations, sales material, video, and advocacy. Do you have to speak at a conference? Even if you don’t memorize your lines, you’ll need it in writing. With serious and technical content that isn’t an emergency bulletin or instruction manual, the natural voice is best. A conversational tone is key for online media. It can speak directly to your reader. We’ll tailor the writing to suit your needs. You can educate and motivate. You can assure your audience of expertise without being impersonal. Because writing is more than words, it connects you with people.


Writers of all ages, abilities, forms, and genres, you are not alone. Everyone needs an editor. Do you want help with story structure and the flow of sentences or a proofreader to correct everything spellcheck will miss? With your best effort on the page, I’ll help you to achieve your desired effect. You’ve written a book or an article. One hundred thousand words or a hundred. Now you can observe your thought process in the words, and with constructive suggestions for improvement, you can refine your thinking. Editing is an opportunity to clarify your intentions. And really, given enough time, reading your own work aloud, you will see much of what needs to be done yourself. But often times, you are looking for another perspective. You ask your friends and family to read it. They might tell you it’s great, they might say it could be improved here and there. I’m going to articulate how it can be improved. I’m going to work with you so the knowledge stays with you beyond the piece we’re working on together. So that you become a better writer, a better thinker, a better person. Because if not that, why write?